swing set maintenance Delaware
Complete swing set and Playset

Maintenance Packages

Playsets should be water sealed the first year built. Most manufactures recommend within 90 days of assembly and then every other year after. Hardware should be tightened annually.

Our maintenance packages consist of water sealing or staining your playset using a clear or color sealant. We will also tighten all of the nuts and bolts as well as provide a full safety review of all wood and plastic components.

We offer Clear water sealing for new playsets to help hold its original color as well as protect it from moisture and UV Rays. This is a service we offer at a discounted rate when scheduled for the same day as the new installation.

We can also offer a color water sealant or stain which still offers the same protection on the wood, but will bring back some of the color that is starting to fade on older playsets. We take the time to remove all loose debris and all plastic components before staining to ensure a clean look upon completion.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we offer consultations to inspect a preowned swing set you are looking to purchase and will give you our opinion regarding purchasing. We can also take a look at your yard and let you know if your ground is level enough for installation or if you have enough space for the model playset or trampoline you are looking to purchase. The price for a consultation depends on your location since we have a large service area.
Our swing set installations include leveling up to 5″ only where the wood touches the ground. If you are not sure how uneven your ground is, you can purchase a string level from a local hardware store or have us stop out for a consultation.

We do not offer full site leveling or border and mulch services.  A local landscape professional can help you with these services.

Yes, we are insured and can provide an insurance certificate upon request.
Most manufacturers recommend having the wood sealed within 90 days of assembly and every other year after.
ATSM Guidelines recommend 6′ clearance on every side of your playset and trampoline.
We typically do not work in the rain, snow, or freezing temperatures. All jobs are weather permitting so we do not guarantee any installation to be completed by a specific day. However, we do keep rain days open for reschedules.
Yes, we will move the boxes to the installation area with a dolly free of charge. However, If there are steps or steep ground where a dolly cannot be used, a $75 moving fee will apply.
We prefer that someone is home for the installation. However, we understand our customers have things they need to get done throughout the day. Please check with your installer before leaving as someone needs to be around for placement and payment. If you will not be home in time for completion, you will need to pay your invoice before leaving.
We typically do not schedule any weekends in advance. Weekends are kept open for rain reschedules.
We will condense all packaging and put it in or around your trash/recycling bins. We do not take it with us.