The Assembly Pros offer complete swing set moving and relocation services.
Complete swing set moving/relocation services

Swing Set Relocation

Whether you are moving to a new home and want to bring your playset with you or you are purchasing a pre-owned playset from a neighbor, The Assembly Pros offer complete swing set moving and relocation services. This service includes full take-down, moving, assembly, and minor leveling.

What we need from the customer to give a quote:
A picture of the entire playset, the pickup and delivery zip code, and if there are any fences or obstructions in either yard. If there are fences, how wide are the gates?

Things to consider when purchasing a

Pre-owned Playset:

How old is the playset? We do not recommend purchasing any playset that is over 6 years old no matter what the brand. The typical swing set manufacturer warranty is 5-10 years on the wood for a reason. Most of them also will not transfer owners.

Is there is wood rot?  Wood rot mostly likely occurs in areas that are difficult to see where water will sit. This is typically the tops of the main supports, the top of the swing-beam and under the floor. Any running board or main support buried under the ground should also be checked.

Rusted Hardware – Some rust on hardware is common after a few years. If hardware is completely rusted through, chances are the set is too old to move.

Properly leveled and square Playset– If a playset is originally installed on uneven ground and not leveled properly, it will slowly start to lean and come out of square. This puts a lot of strain on the wood and hardware and will most likely be compromised and not repairable.

Not sure or need some assistance? The Assembly Pros offer inspection services of swing sets and playsets. Contact us or request a quote and we will be happy to schedule a time to inspect the playset before you purchase.

Swing set relocation services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Maryland.